The Ultimate Blockchain Patent Teardown

This patent is part of a family of patents we filed for our client ShoCard to protect their expanding technology. They are a very innovative group, and it was a pleasure to work with them to develop a drafting strategy that set them up to defend against Alice. A deep spec with strategic support is required, or else good ideas are categorized as abstract — when they clearly are not! 


Teardown of a Blockchain Patent

An exemplary blockchain-related patent is U.S. Patent No. 10,007,913, which was issued to ShoCard Inc., a blockchain startup founded in 2015 and based in Cupertino, U.S.A. The patent was issued on June 26, 2018, and is a fine specimen to disassemble because the invention solves a problem that we are all too familiar with, and it clearly articulates a real-world application of blockchain technology.