Dependent Claims – Key Terms

More time is wasted in patent litigation arguing over what a term means than anything else. Drafters should write dependent claims that provide for “built-in” claim construction, instead of simply adding elements. After writing an independent claim, find words that need clarification, and provide the clarification directly in the dependent claims! As a bonus, the … Read moreDependent Claims – Key Terms

Before drafting claim 1

The patent process is long, expensive and getting more complicated by the day. There are so many factors you can’t control, such as the prior art, difficult examiners, and changes in technology. However, as the patent drafter, you should always seek answers to three important questions before drafting any claim. Obvious…but is it really?

Always be shaking the tree! Patent harvest

Intellectual property if not protected is simply dedicated to the public. Companies invest large sums developing their unique services and products, and just as much effort needs to be spent “shaking the tree” from within or with the assistance of outside counsel. Ask inventors what they are working on, what problems they solved, and constantly … Read moreAlways be shaking the tree! Patent harvest