On Sale Bar to Patentability

You should file your patent application before disclosure. However, in the US, you have one year grace period to file after disclosure. The disclosure can be a sale or offer to sell. Be extra careful when entering into agreements to commercialize your invention before filing the application, or you will lose your patent!

Patent Eligible – Add Technical Problem-Solution in Specification!

It is more important than ever to spend more time and effort drafting your patent applications. Here, the Federal Circuit is expressly telling patent owners to spell out the technical problem-solution in the specification! As Circuit Judge Stoll writes, the Federal Circuit will use the patent specification to “bolster” its conclusion. It should be evident … Read morePatent Eligible – Add Technical Problem-Solution in Specification!

Patent Disclosure Meetings – VIDEO

This is a short tutorial for how to work with a patent attorney when preparing your patent application. This applies to startups, established companies, and individuals. The key is to provide your attorney with as much information as possible, so your application can be comprehensive and be better positioned for strength. Contact us for more … Read morePatent Disclosure Meetings – VIDEO

PENILLA IP, APC – Longer Introduction – VIDEO

PENILLA IP is a boutique patent law firm. www.penillaip.com Our group of professionals is highly skilled in the art of patent prosecution. Our consistent high quality work product has made us a “go-to” firm for many of Silicon Valley’s well known technology companies. We also have an established international patent practice, which is highly regarded … Read morePENILLA IP, APC – Longer Introduction – VIDEO